Year Update

Dear Visitors,

This year we did not use the website much, but we have been busy doing many other Jewish things. Here are some highlights from the last year

We have started staying after we clean up from Shabbat dinner to sing songs, rounds, and niggunim. It’s a great opportunity to learn and teach new melodies, and singing together brings us all closer.

We had hanukkah events every night of the holiday all across campus. Various students signed up to do different things every night. We had a latke party, a nigun workshop with Joey Weisenberg, a craft night, bar mitzvah party, and lots of folk songs.

We had challah baking sessions throughout the year, which sometimes went to hilarious places.


“I have to make a well. We’re getting culinary as f***. This well is dank.” – a freshman

Our members participated in multiple interfaith storytimes, we brought Ori Shavit to run a cooking class, hosted a screening of the documentary Little White Lie with SASS, had a Tu Bishvat study break, and ran a stand at the night market for prospective students. During passover, we pooled resources and took turns cooking dinner every night passover, and had two seders, one led by Adam, the Jewish Student advisor, and one led by students.


Happy birthday, trees!

Oh, and at some point, this happened:


Traditional Hanukkah Fairies

See you this fall!

Swarthmore Kehilah

Build the new library!

website5We are applying for a grant to build a community library in the JSL, filled with prose, plays, and poetry related to Judaism.

Reading and talking about books and ideas has been part of Jewish culture for centuries, and some of the most profound works in the Jewish tradition are presented as margin notes to other stories. Following this tradition, we will be stocking the library with bookmarks on which people can write their thoughts as they read. Future readers will find these bookmarks, can leave their own thoughts, and we will gradually build up a collection of books filled with the conversations of generations of Swatties.

Sound fun? Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Bring books from home that you think would work well in the library. Books people donate don’t have to be Jewish books, but they should be good books.
  • Recommend books for us to order here.
  • Stay tuned for further info about finalizing the list, logistics, etc.

If you read all of this and are thinking “This is so cool that I want to be deeply involved in creating it,” that is awesome. We are hoping that people who are really excited about this to get involved. Just get in touch and we’ll let you know how you can help!