Announcing Kehilah’s 2015-2016 Student Board!

A BIG thank you to all who took part in Kehilah’s elections – whether it was by running, telling your friends, or simply by voting!  We had a large response and the race was TIGHT!  The community is clearly in for the launch of an exciting, welcoming, and active year next fall!
And of course, once again I want to reiterate that there are many, many ways in which to shape Jewish life and programming at Swat – in the coming year, members of board will be reaching out with renewed energy and enthusiasm to see how Kehilah can support as many expressions of Jewish life and identity as possible!
And so……. without further ado – the 2015-2016 Kehilah board is (in alphabetical order):
Inline image 1
Leela Breitman
Marissa Cohen
Sarah Fischman
Abby Holtzman
Rachel Flaherman
Sarah Revesz
Amit Schwalb
Aaron Wagner
Zoey Werbin
Josh Wolfsun

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