Share your thoughts on new Jewish Student Advisor!

As you know, our beloved Jewish Student Advisor Rabbi Kelilah Miller will be leaving us for new adventures at the end of this semester. While savoring the rest of our time with her, we are also beginning to search for a new Jewish Student Life Advisor.

A small committee of students will meet with the director of Hillel of Greater Philadelphia this Sunday to convey to him what we’re looking for in an advisor, and may be more involved as the search goes forward. In order to find an advisor who will best fit the needs of the whole community, we want to hear from you! Today and tomorrow, a number of the committee members will be holding office hours sporadically in the Beit Midrash so that you can drop by and share what you’re looking for in a JSA on campus (or just study and hang out!). They will be posting their schedules here on the Facebook page.

If you’d prefer to make suggestions anonymously and/or online, please let us know what you think by clicking this link! As always, you’re also welcome to reach out to Sarah Revesz (, Rabbi Kelilah Miller (, Aaron Wagener (, or Joshua Wolfsun ( by email.

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